Read 41 survivor stories by victims of sexual abuse or shaming perpetrated by Mormon church members or leaders. has a free public database of hundreds of Mormon sex abuse cases.

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  • Abuse Cover-up Led to About a Decade of Additional Abuse.

    I grew up in Arvada, Colorado. I started being sexually abused by my oldest brother when I was 4, and he was 17. the abuse only stopped because he was found worthy to go on a mission. A year into his mission, my older sister went to our bishop for…

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  • An Un-Silenced Survivor

    To: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Re: A Simple Request My name is Mikelle, and I have been a faithful member of your organization for most of my life. I have put my faith and trust in God, in you, in your leadership, and in every single…

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  • Branch President went to trial for abuse, was acquitted. Continued molesting young boys for many years after the fact.

    My stepfather was a Branch President in a small congregation in Southwest Missouri. He was accused of molesting a young boy in our ward. A boy with a single mother who would stay over at our house often and play with my little brothers, as my stepfather insisted he needed…

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