sexually abused by my autistic twin brother and slut shamed by my ward and stake

I was a victim of cocsa for 10 1/2 years from the ages of 5-15 1/2. My parents and ward/stake members saw this weekly and slut shamed me for ‘allowing and encouraging’ him to behave that way. My parents told me to repent of my sins because he’s disabled so he’s incapable of abuse. When I brought up on multiple occasions I felt like I was being abused they yelled at me and told me I was too sensitive to handle how he expresses his feelings. My bishop wanted me to confess my sins to him and I did not. My parents told me I would never be allowed into heaven if I didn’t forgive him and repent.

The bishop and several general authority members told me I would never be allowed into heaven for being black. So I left and am waiting to pull my records. My parents wanted me to be silent because ‘blame the person not the organization’. Parents would complain to me that I was Allowing him to touch me in a public setting because I was a incestuous whore. My parents don’t believe this at all because the bishop said it didn’t happen. An investigator was actually the first person to give an anonymous CPS tip at the age of 7. But it was ignored because my parents never documented anything because mentally ill people can’t abuse anybody. My parents took 15 1/2 years to care about their child being abused because they loved their disabled son too much. They used the guise of autism to justify his behavior and so did the ward.

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