Brother is a convicted sex offender

My brother was convicted of multiple charges, including several sex with a child charges.

His own 3 daughters were abused along with several nieces, cousins and neighbors.

None of this would have continued if the LDS church would have reported his first confession of rape to get off his mission in Minnesota.

He confessed to raping a neighbor boy (when he was 18) and to my knowledge no legal action was taken and he continued to perpetrate until 3 years ago when finally arrested without bail after SEVERAL more children were affected until he was 35 years old.

When his wife was pregnant with their first child, I called the the police dept and a therapist asking what to do if I knew my brother had these issues in the past and these tendencies and I didn’t know what to do for him.

They counseled me that nothing could be done until someone reported abuse.

So I prayed and waited until my niece told me she was going to press charges for an event that happened 4 years previous in 2017 (6 years ago).

When that happened the reports started coming out and many others were reported.

He was perpetrating for 16 years that could have been stopped, but instead protected by brother who learned NO CONSEQUENCES for his behavior.


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