Sexually abused frequently in an LDS chapel by a Primary teacher

It all started when I was 6, I had just moved to a different class within the church.

I met my primary teachers, they were husband and wife. While the wife was teaching I needed to go to the bathroom, the husband was doing hall monitoring so he walked me to the bathroom.

He came in when I was washing my hands. That’s when it happened the first time.

It continued to happen just about every Sunday up until I was 12. That’s when I went into Young Women’s.

Now the wife got a different calling and started to be a young women’s leader. So I had no choice but to see him more than once a week.

I had told the bishop at the time what was going on and I was scared to even come to church anymore.

I will never forget what he said.

“God would never allow that to happen in his church. You need to repent for lying.”

It took a while, but I am out of the LDS religion and out of that state so I can never see him again.

I’m currently in therapy working on getting my life back.

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