When I was 19 (13 years ago) I went on what was supposed to be a group date with a man in his late 20s

When I was 19 (13 years ago) I went on what was supposed to be a group date with a man in his late 20s.

I didn’t know him well and he started appearing everywhere I was at school (ASU). He was a member of the church.

When I got there I found myself alone with just him (ENDED UP NOT BEING A GROUP DATE) and he had bought me a drink. It was in an empty theater in which there was only one other couple (unknown) sitting a few rows away from us.

I started to feel off and high. I’m positive the drink was spiked with something.

He started touching me inappropriately. He excused himself and went to the bathroom and I thought to get help from the other people but found myself unable to think clearly or move very well.

I was somehow able to leave to go to the bathroom and I found a theater employee in there in which I asked if they knew there was a back exit or something I could leave out of. When I opened the bathroom door there he was waiting for me with my drink telling me he got me a refill.

I told him I needed to leave. He kept trying to get me to get in his car and tried to take me home or wherever he was planning to take me.

He followed me to my car. I got in and locked the doors.

I never saw him again after that.

We had only briefly met in the ASU institute building about a week or two prior.

I feel like I was stalked and a victim of assault.

At the time he was from the Gilbert, AZ/Queen Creek, AZ area. I saw his social media page and he is married now with children.

He is still a member of the church and in Arizona.

I’ve never shared this story but with only a cousin I confided in after I got home that night.

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