But he’s just a kid

A troubled kid who I went to church with touched me inside my pants.

I felt the effects of it for years.

He was held back I was 6 he was 7.

My mom told his mom but she didn’t escalate it because his dad was in a position of authority. I can’t remember but I think I heard stake president or something.

I don’t remember why she tried to get me to understand that his mom said he did that to his sisters.

She didn’t realize I wasn’t an adult with an adult understanding.

I dealt with the scars for years. I think that is the reason why I am obese, I love how the protective fat keeps me from being an easy target in my mind.

Fuck the Mormon Church for how they treat adults so they aren’t prepared to talk to kids.

As a kid I remember watching the good touch bad touch video at age 5.

I’m still devastated.

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