When I was 13 I was sexually molested by this guy in our ward

When I was 13 I was sexually molested by this guy in our ward (Washington state).

I wasn’t the only one.

When I told my friend about what happened, she had told me it happened to her and her sister too.

Talking to more girls, a total of 8 of us came forward with similar experiences of being either groped, molested, grinded on, or worse.

The age span ranged from as old as 16 to as young as 11.

He preyed on the “problem kids” who had divorced parents or didn’t follow the rules to a “t”.

We all came forward and told our Bishop. He told us all that we were imagining it, that we were trying to gang up on [the abuser] and ruin his life for no reason, and when we insisted he finally said he’d talk to him.

Not only did the abuse continue with 2 of the kids, since their single divorced parents needed help with childcare and he happily offered to watch them, it got worse and he tried forcing his way into my home when he found out I was home alone.

I had to force the door shut and lock him out. He kicked my dog because she could tell something was wrong and my usually friendly dog was growling and trying to bite him.

He would message me that he loved me and to please respond and wouldn’t stop harassing me.

He’d make uncomfortable comments about how sexy I was (I was 13!!!)

He had grinded his genitals against my butt to get off when he took me out to “teach me to ride his motorcycle”.

There was no denying what he did, there was no need to do that as we were stationary in the middle of nowhere far from home.

He nearly bankrupt his wife and abandoned her on top of it.

We were all told not to report him because we’d ruin his life and that we were imagining it, and if it really happened it was our own fault for dressing provocatively.

He’d take pictures of us and kept them on his computer, and he’d have us change into his clothes in the bathroom and I kept searching for a camera because I felt like I was being watched while I changed. Who knows what all that computer hides.

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